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Small Group Mentorships

Saturday March 23 / Sunday April 21st

Small Group Mentorship Day Info:

Are you a photographer looking for more personalized and hands on education? Small group mentorships may be perfect for you! Before each mentorship date, you’ll complete an in depth survey which will help me to develop my program for the day based around what YOU would like to learn! You’ll spend a whole day with me in my studio The Loft in Leduc going over numerous topics, reviewing some theory/best practices and then putting those skills to use. We’ll practice shooting in different lighting environments and I will arrange a styled session for you which will conclude the day! You’ll get to see how I work and you can shoot your own images as well which you can use in your own portfolio (5 participants will be max allowed number in an effort to keep groups small & intimate).

1 day: $550

2 days: $1000

Typical topics discussed on mentorship days:

  • Review your portfolio and discuss what you’d like to shoot vs. what you have been shooting
  • Review your posing skills and discuss what you’d like to work on
  • Review of your pricing/info package and discuss any changes to be made
  • Review your website & social media sites and discuss any changes to be made
  • Review your gear and shooting techniques and recommend anything to work on
  • Reviewing your editing, practice any new skills and create a base preset to work off of
  • Discuss and implement an action plan which will cover tangible ways to achieve your photography goals
  • Put together a business marketing strategy to reach your ideal clients

SO what are you waiting for? Join me for a super fun day, and let’s make some major strides in our art and our business.

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For Beginners

Do you have a camera and want to learn photography? Then this is the tutorial you’ve been looking for!

I’ve summarized in a 53 minute video tutorial how to operate your camera, shoot manually, understand lighting conditions, file management, and what editing programs I recommend. I’ve also provided a PDF cheat sheet for you to reference any time after watching the tutorial. Watch this tutorial and become a better photographer today!

For just $50.00, it’s yours to keep.